Branding Shoots - Getting To Know The Person Behind The Business

June 30, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I hope you are all well and adjusting to what has happened over the last few months.  Despite the worries, this period of time has been a good opportunity to reassess our businesses and prepare for life after lockdown.  Many of us have had to rethink the way we have been working but it has also been a good opportunity to think about refreshing our business face. 

How we present our business and ourselves is vital in the competitive world, both online and visual, that we live in. A brand is not just your business, your logo or your website, it is about you and what makes you stand out from other businesses. A headshot and branding photo shoot allows you to connect to your audience by showing the person behind the business.  It is important to stand out from the crowd by keeping your images fresh and professional. 

The session is designed to capture a headshot, your workspace (when appropriate) and you in action, doing what you do.  Branding photos are a vital asset for your business, showing your personality, your brand, what you do and who you are.   It really is an investment worth making.

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So how does personal branding work?  Your personal brand means you; the more you share your personality and the more real you are, the greater ease there will be in building relationships with your clients.  Your uniqueness is what makes you stand out.  People like to know who they’re dealing with, so it’s good to show the essence of you in a headshot but you can add that bit extra by showing yourself in your working environment, whether that be delivering a service, doing something creative or teaching.

Before the photo shoot it’s good to plan what you want to achieve, by understanding your business goals and visualising how you want your images to look.  The session is entirely what you make it.  As well as including images directly related to your business it’s good to include something a little extra and personal to you, which will bring out your personality. 

People want to see who’s behind the brand of a product or service as they feel more of a connection.  It establishes credibility and trust as well as building a rapport with your clients.  It’s important to express your individuality.  You want people to stop and look at what you are offering.

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There are so many ways you can use your brand photos.  Not only can you use them on different pages across your website but on social media (including LinkedIn), on your newsletters, price guides, information booklets, advertising, business cards, blogs or email footers. These factors need to be taken into account as it is crucial in how the images will be composed when shooting.

We are amidst a global pandemic, which makes the future seem uncertain BUT now is the time to focus on your goals and plan for success.

If you are interested in a branding shoot please get in touch so we can chat about your ideas.



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