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Plaxtol Primary School 2018/2019
Saint Ronan's 2018/2019
GVPS 2017/2018
Plaxtol Primary School 2017/2018
GVPS 2016/2017
Saint Ronan's 2014/2015
School of Rock
Hillview School For Girls 2018/2019
Longacre School 2017/2018
Saint Ronan's 2017/2018
Saint Ronan's 2016/2017
YT93 Performing Arts Academy
Saint Ronan's 2013/2014
YT93 Annie Workshop 2016
GVPS 2018/2019
Beckley Primary 2017/2018
Hillview School For Girls 2017/2018
Hillview School For Girls 2016/2017
Saint Ronan's 2015/2016
Saint Ronan's 2012/2013
YT93 Schools Will Rock You